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Iranian Library and Information Science Association (ILISA)

Iranian Library and Information Science Association (ILISA), is a NGO which the library and information science community and institutions and centers related to it include educational and research centers, all types of libraries, documents and archives centers and librarians, experts and its students. ILISA is the first Iranian professional library association which was established in 1966, immediately after the beginning of new librarianship education in Tehran University by the name of Iranian library association. This period of the association continued until 1980 and then was stopped due to occurrence of Islamic Revolution of Iran. After 19 years pause, it starts again with the new title “Iranian Library and Information Science Association (ILISA)” in 2000.

ILISA, based on its statute, knows serving to experts and professionals, upgrading the rank of library and information science profession and providing a suitable platform for professional and scientific growth is its main duty and can be a pattern for middle east countries in service of civil society. On this basis also, it has developed a strategic planning in which goes ahead its activities in according to it.

Structurally the association has a president, a vice president, a treasurer, and a set of committees including Education, Research, Publications, Marketing, Public Relations, Planning and Continuous Improvement, and Innovation and New Emerging Technologies. ILISA has left behind several boards of members periods in which are elected by the members vote and, the fifth course of boards of members is active right now. The association has branches in the different provinces of Iran. The activities of these branches are conjoined with the goals of the association. Various educational workshops and seminars and conferences and also an annual national congress are including the association programs. ILISA has two official journals entitled Shenaseh (in Persian) and iBulletin (in English). These continuous activities has been resulted into honors including gaining the A rank among all scientific associations of Iran.

Contact with the association due to bring you upcoming association activities. Furthermore, you can follow the most recent news and massages from the newsletter of association.